Considering Crayons

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

When your child struggles with coloring and/or writing, the standard pencil or crayon on that teacher's list might not make the grade. Here are our suggestions on how to choose the best marker, crayon, or pencil for your child. Why not try something new and start your child off right by empowering them with tools that work for them!

Here are some of our favorites:

Rock Crayons: Small hands need small crayons. These rock crayons are soy-based and lack the overpowering wax-based crayon smell so they're perfect for your sensory sensitive child who is still working on refining his/her fine motor skills too. The bright, fun colors allow your child to do all that they would with the typical Crayolas but they encourage a mature tripod grasp in a new way.

Finger Crayons: For the little learners who need to work on finger isolation skills (these are the kiddos who use a whole-hand or fisted grasp to hold the crayons), finger crayons encourage fine motor development! Children put their index finger inside the crayon and use their other "helper fingers" (thumb and middle finger) to stabilize the crayon during coloring. This is an ear