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G.M., AAC Specialist

"Ms. Ford actively participates in all aspects of planning and is nothing short of impressive in her ability to follow through with and implement recommendations. [She] is an inquisitive, sharp, and progressive thinker. She consistently demonstrates resourcefulness in meeting the needs of her students and is a leader in all aspects of her students' programming."
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An integral part of any therapeutic relationship is carry-over and follow-through across caregivers, educators, and contexts. We work with parents and educational teams to develop understanding and build competency at all stages of the intervention process. 

We work strategically with educational teams on-site and/or remotely to plan for the appropriate and necessary accommodations, sensory supports, and/or assistive technology your child may need.


We will attend Planning & Placement Team meetings (PPT) and assist educational teams with the development of an IEP that appropriately reflects your student's needs in a data-based, transdisciplinary way.

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We provide strategic consultation and ongoing training regarding:

  • Assistive technology evaluation, process identification,  implementation, and progress monitoring

  • Assistive technology strategy assessment and technology investment planning (to build system capacity)

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • Inclusion opportunities for complex learners

  • Differentiated instruction and curricular access for differently-abled learners

  • Sensory diet design and implementation

  • Trauma-informed practice considerations

  • Preschool program consultation on multi-sensory instruction, motor development, and sensory strategies

  • Pre-vocational and transitional program supports

As your child's skills develop, his/her needs may change and we follow the child along this progression to make any changes to recommendations and programming that may be needed. 

Likewise, as teams move through the stages of competency or identify additional consultation needs, we adjust services accordingly to foster growth that aligns with the student's and team's learning objectives.

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