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Products We Love

We are always on the hunt for fun, fabulous, and affordable new products for children and families! Some of our favorite vendors have sent us samples of their latest and greatest "stuff" to add to our lists and we LOVE to try them all out with our kiddos to make sure they are FAMILY APPROVED! We've linked each of our faves to take the guesswork out of shopping too!


What's a favorite on your list that you can share with us?

Sensory Swings

It's a good thing to consider a swing! The swings we love offer vestibular input in a multitude of ways! For more information on swings and vestibular input, check out our blog articles here

Calm, Regulate, Refocus

Whether you're adding these tools to your child's bedroom, calm-down space, or Sensory Toolbox at home or on-the-go, these products are sure to offer calming and reorganizing sensory input.

Fidget to Focus

For more background and product information on Fidgets, check out our blog article here

If you're a DIY fan, our Fidget Pinterest page is sure to give you some project ideas!

All About the Grasp

For more information and fun fine motor products, check out our fine motor blog articles here or start following our Fine Motor Pinterest board!

Chew on This

Offer your kiddos some oral sensory input in colorful, trendy ways! Chewing, sucking, and mouthing are all ways to organize your sensory system. Check out these amazingly fun wearable "chew" jewelry for boys, girls and tots alike! For more information and oral sensory-motor products, check out our Chew on This Pinterest board!

Sensory Seating

For more information on active seating for sensory, fidgety kiddos, check out our blog article here or start following our Sensory Seating Pinterest board!

Stim on This

For more information on autism, sensory, and self-stimulatory behaviors, check out our blog article here or start following our Stim on This Pinterest board!

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