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How to Create a Cool, Calming + Fun Sensory Retreat

When I was growing up with my sisters, our ultimate favorite ‘getaway’ was made out of pillows, sheets, and whatever furniture we could find to hold up the most elaborate fort we could make, without it collapsing on top of us! Inside our kid-topia we would read, tell secrets, play games, make flashlight constellations, and take a time out from our parents. Kids today have colorful, ready-made, pop-up tents, teepees, canopies, and fort kits that make such spaces easier to enjoy (and clean up!). So now I’m on a mission to recreate that youthful joy for my kids and use it to support summer reading in a fun way.

I encourage parents to give their children a place they can call their own so they can have time to themselves whenever they need to. Creating such a space for your kids will empower them to self-regulate however and whenever they need to, and it sets up those “break” times in a positive way. Consider setting up your own kid-topia where they can take a break from siblings, curl up with a good book, and chill-out in whatever way works for them! In our fort, I may add that big fuzzy floor pillow that my daughter loves to flop on, maybe a basket of her “just-right” books on that never-ending summer reading list or maybe just leave it all to her imagination with a flashlight and a hand puppet. Ask your child what they’d like to include and make it a fun space where he/she can create lifelong memories too.


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