Arts and Crafts Activities to Build Skills for Kids with Autism

Occupational therapists are skilled at turning fun arts and crafts projects into skill-building opportunities. They naturally assess all of the language, motor, and cognitive processes needed by combining their professional task analysis skills with a whole lot of fun!

What OTs know is that skills are developed through meaningful occupation, and for children, that occupation is play. When children are engaged in play, they are learning and developing critical fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills that are often the focus of "therapy."

Parents at home can promote their child's development by creating opportunities for play. Regardless of where your child is along their developmental journey, we've come up with a few therapy-inspired activities that are simple enough for parents and kids alike!

Activities for Kids with Autism

Children with autism demonstrate a range of cognitive, motor and language abilities, sensory preferences, and interests or aversions. When you are considering how best to engage your child with autism in play-based activities, always keep their individual needs and interests in mind.

Occupational therapists will often "scaffold" activities to help children build their skills for learning rather than become frustrated by difficult tasks. We often refer to this as a "just-right challenge."