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Busy Bag Must-Haves

Parents of sensory kiddos know that restaurant outings can be dreadful. While the iPad is always a good distractor to have available, sometimes I'm actually brave enough to entertain the troops with more hands-on fun. So, I've got a pre-stocked "busy bag" of tricks that help us survive the wait at the doctor's office or enjoy a night out to dinner with kids. Whatever you put in your own busy bag, make sure it's portable and replaceable - nothing expensive goes out in case a piece or two ends up missing!

busy bags sensory tools

Here are some of my busy-bag must-haves:

Crayon roll-up: Customize it to include your child's favorites! Most restaurants have 3 or 4-color packs of crayons that can get boring. Add some extra color to your child's designs and take turns adding details to see what you create together!​ We love the colorful fun from Kid Made Modern!

Sticker Activity Books: The wackier, the better! We love this sticker face book but activity books that are cheap are always best.​

Favorite Figurines: My girls love the "Kitty (and Puppy) in my Pocket" toys for imaginative fun! Depending on your child's interests, you can include trucks, trains, cars, action figures, dinosaurs -- whatever keeps them playing! The trick is keeping them in the busy bag for the next trip out so they don't lose their novelty at home!

Something to build with: Legos, blocks, puzzles, or these Plus-Plus are a great addition because the possibilities of building and creating are endless! Copy designs, build new structures, or turn the pieces into other imaginative objects.

Something to fidget with: Busy bodies have busy hands - redirect potentially disruptive grabby hand with some fidgeting fun. Check out our website for fun ideas and read more about DIY fidgets on our Pinterest page

For other additions to your family's busy bag, check out @adaptlearn on Pinterest


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