ErgoErgo: Sensory Chair for Active Seating

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

originally written for and published on Wolf+Friends

Did you know that when your body is moving, your brain is more engaged in learning? However, our children are often required to spend much of their day trying to sit still in their classrooms, which isn't allowing them to develop their sensory systems. Kids need ample time to run, jump, climb, crash, and get dirty! The active play recommendations for toddlers & preschoolers are 5-8 hours/day and school-age children need at least 4-5 hours/day of movement experiences. Knowing those guidelines, consider how much of your child’s school day is spent sitting at their desk…at the dinner table…in the car between activities…watching TV. Chances are probable that your child isn’t getting the recommended active play experiences that their sensory and motor systems need to develop. It’s no wonder that kids are wiggly and fidgety when we ask them to sit and learn!