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Tech Tips: 5 Educational Apps for Early Elementary & Preschools

originally published on Wolf + Friends

ed tech apps for kids

Kids at this age spend their school days immersed in learning so when choosing apps to support education, make it fun! Find apps that enhance their basic math, reading, and writing skills in simple, engaging games.

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Imagination, creativity, and problem solving are key skills developed in this game. Kids can create endless possibilities out of blocks and use the different characters for different functions to help them build whatever their imaginations desire.

Teach pre-writing skills with using a dot-to-dot activity. Add musical feedback and fun visuals, and kids are working on writing their way through a wacky alphabet.

Adjust the firetruck’s nozzle and placement to put out small fires along the island! This leveled game challenges visual motor and spatial concepts with how to angle the water, judge distance, and develop a strategy for getting to all of those pesky flames without running out of water!

This scavenger-hunt themed-app is great for early or reluctant readers, or those working on listening and following directions. By following positional clues, in both printed or picture symbol formats, the child seeks and finds clues that lead to an end “surprise.”

Yes, kids are coding! It’s a 21st century skill that many schools include in their STEAM curriculums (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Kodable introduces kids to computer programming fundamentals but it also develops problem solving, reasoning, planning, and organization skills. Kids use their math concepts (shapes, sequencing, direction) to create mazes.

Happy exploring!

ed tech apps for kids


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