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Duck Duck Moose!

duck duck moose free apps for kids

Each month we highlight a tech program, app, or feature that we think has limitless possibilities for families, teachers, and kids. This month, while researching for our posts with Wolf+Friends, we took a close look at one app developer that continues to create exciting, educational, enrichment apps.

Duck, Duck, Moose!

It's hard to pick just one app that we instead, we've put together an overview of some of their best apps for engaging imaginations, inspiring creativity, and teaching important academic concepts! It's no wonder that Khan Academy has partnered with Duck Duck Moose in their mission "to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere! That's right...these apps are all FREE!! While we listed ages and grade levels, these are just guidelines because we know that every child develops at his/her own pace. Take a look at the skills to see if the app would be a just-right challenge for your child, regardless of their age!

Early iPad Access Skills - all of these three apps teach touch screen access skills - swipe, pinch, tap, spin. These early motor skills will be refined as your child develops, but the cause and effect nursery-rhymes all have interactive parts that teach targeted motor movements to make balloons pop, wipers swish, spiders climb, and cows flip!

Digital Storytelling - If you read our blog article on "What's Your Story: Digital Storytelling and Supports to Written Expression", you learned about supporting your child's creative expression with video, pictures, and audio recordings as well as digital text. One of our recommended apps for teaching kids all about perspective, narration, and dialogue was Chatterpix -- a Duck Duck Moose app! All of these apps listed support your child's inner storytelling voice and develop early ideation that will serve them well as writers.

Math Skills - From preschool through fourth grade, students are working on developing numeracy concepts and math thinking. Keeping Common Core standards in mind, these apps target basic concepts through more challenging skills.

Language & Reading - From the basic of language processing and letter identification, to early spelling skills, these apps are great for early readers and aligned with the Common Core.

If you loved any of these apps and want to take the lessons a step further, check out Duck Duck Moose's extension learning activities! Let us know what apps you've loved trying and share some of your other favorites so we can add them to our iApps We Love list!

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