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Thinking Outside the Blocks

Long before your child begins to write letters, he is developing critical visual perceptual motor skills that will inform his ability to make sense of the world in all dimensions. Spatial relationships (next to, under, above, behind, in front of), visual motor coordination (eyes and body working together in coordination), and graded control (knowing how fast or slow, how far or close to move) are just some of the skills he is developing through play.

When our children play with toys and building objects, they are learning about how the world looks, feels, and moves in relation to their own bodies. When we challenge them to think outside the box and build something new with blocks or objects, we challenge their creativity, logic, motor planning, and problem solving skills! Check out with these fun alternatives to the basic wooden blocks and see how your child develops new ways to visually and motorically explore their world!

Magformers: These fun magnetic shapes come in squares and triangles that can be stacked into the most creative structures and buildings your child can imagine! Optional accessory sets can turn the basic shapes into vehicles, dinosaurs, or motion-magnet creations! Take advantage of the magnetic vertical surfaces in your home to construct in new ways!

Q-Ba Maze: This new take on the marble-run construction is a favorite in our house! Challenge your child's logic and planning skills by adding the stunt sets that allow the marbles to zoom, bounce, and spin around the marble track! Because of the complexity of this set, this is better suited for ages 7+.

Arx 2.0: These arc-shaped magnetic shapes can be built into impossible angles that move and sway!

TEGU: These multi-colored magnetic wooden blocks come in fun sherbert colors and I love the portability of the pocket pouch set! Just like with the magformers, TEGU accessory sets are available that turn your basic block into vehicles or magbots!


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