TIPS Sticker Stylus

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

If I told you there was a sticker that could turn any writing utensil - pen, pencil, crayon - into a stylus that would work on your touchscreen/tablet AND allow you to work on paper too, would you believe it? It's true - and for 1/10th of the cost of that super stylus pencil you've read all about!

Touchscreen and Tablet Technology

Tablet technology holds so much opportunity for learners both young and old! In our house, we have no fewer than iPad products: 2 minis, 1 "old-school" series iPad, 1 iPad Air, and 1 iPad Pro. That's a small fortune in tablet technology and I wish I could say my buying had stopped there...but we also have Kindles and the iPhone "Plus" models are mini tablets in and of themselves!

I'm not the only one finding convenience in tablets - from signing into school visitor logs, to checking out at the coffee shop, and viewing/marking up X-rays at the orthopedist (real life story!), tablets are quickly replacing some of the ol