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What's Your Story? Digital Storytelling for Kids

We recently took an amazing vacation out west and our trip was chock-full of memories, adventures, and explorations! No matter how much fun she had, my daughter just couldn't manage to muster up the excitement to write about her adventures in her dreaded Vacation Journal! She desperately wanted to share with her desert discoveries with her teacher and classmates but didn't want to put in the painstaking effort it took to write it all down. She would chat about desert wildlife, cactus, and horseback riding, but when it came down to putting her ideas on paper or drawing a picture, she quickly lost interest.

So what's a parent to do when you know your child has great ideas and memories, but they struggle to show what they know? I set out on a multi-sensory storytelling mission to find the tools that capture the attention of reluctant writers. With these fabulous story telling tools, kids are more likely to show their great ideas, expand on vocabulary, & insert their personalities into their stories instead of censuring themselves for the sake of time and effort! Here are some of the faves:

- import photos or drawing, draw pictures directly onscreen, audio narration AND text feature

- email the finished book to friends & family or download a PDF copy of your book to print

Book Creator - $4.99 for ipad; $2.49 Android

- save your own book creation to iBooks!

Chatterpix or Chatterpix Kids (no sharing capability) - FREE for iOS device

- Great for single picture narration; easy to share

30 hands - FREE & paid versions for iOS

- import photos directly from your camera roll and audio-record your narration for each photo

To explore digital storytelling tools for your student or child, or for more options for other devices (Chromebook, Android, PC, iOS device), check out this list on

How will your next story be told?



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